Friday, February 12, 2010


Disclaimer: No, this is not my belly but check out the photographer's online studio. Super neat!
I am now a little over six months pregnant and my back is well aware of the evils that can entail. However, it also has me all mushy, gushy emotional (and horny). My little girl will be three right around the time her brother pops out. I can't believe it! Three has never sounded like such a huge number before! Time flies, especially when we have lived in seven different homes in three (technically five) different cities since she was born. I spent some time today looking at her baby pictures. She found them fascinating (she loves being told how adorable she is and is always very concerned at the pictures that caught her crying or with a booboo). It just passes so fast. I think my favorite stage up until now was the newborn stage but I think we are hitting a new competitor for favorite. She is learning so much every day now. She loves to play and read and soak up every bit of every experience she can.

We had over 9 inches of snow here today and it was such a blast! I haven't seen snow like that in years, literally YEARS! We made a snow girl with jawbreaker eyes, bubble gum lips, a dog treat hair bow, and oddly shaped snow lumps for a body. We named her Candi. Our little toddler is a lot of fun but she is also emotionally high maintenance, even for a 2.5 year old. Then again, I have always been a bit of an emotional basketcase so I suppose it is only fair. Hopefully she will find more balance with age.
Our little bubba should be here sometime in late May and while part of me wishes he was here already another part of me can't believe I'm pregnant. This was a planned pregnancy and has gone very well so far (other than the excruciating backache that is) but it never seems quite real until you hold them. My favorite picture of me and my baby girl is still the first time I ever held her. All my motherly chemicals gush at the mere sight of it.

I'm so excited! I hope I make the most of every moment with them. I hope I live up to everything that I can be for them. I have learned so much in these last (almost) three years and I can only imagine what the next 3 and beyond will teach me. I love my kids :)